Anti Spam Policy

Anti Spam Policy



Many people often complain about "there’s so much spam on Twitter" or "I opened my client and all I see is spam spam spam" and so on. Are there spammers on Twitter? Oh heck yes.

One of Twitter’s best features - its API which TweetEraser is using as well - leads to this problem of spam appearing within the service. We don't exactly know which services are using Twitter to spread their "best opinions" or "look how much user are using our service" - but ...

... TweetEraser never will spam your Twitter time-line with what ever kind of messages. Something like:

I just used @TweetEraser - you need to use it too

No, this will never happen with TweetEraser.

The same goes for Twitter Direct Messages. There is no necessity for using your Twitter time-line or Direct Message to tell other people that you just used TweetEraser for cleaning up your account.